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MARINE services


ACCUARIA SL is a company of the S. XXI dedicated to water, which applies the latest technologies in the search for individualized solutions.

It has been designed as a business partner, to offer comprehensive support in treatments, products and services related to water.

At ACCUARIA SL we have professional principles and values ​​of integrity, commitment, responsibility and safety that guide all our actions and behaviors.

Our competitive advantage is our human team, with a clear customer orientation, which we consider part of us.


empresa globalizada
Thanks for trusting us.
- Carlos Bolado



Tel: 971-40-52-40

Fax: 971-40-52-40

Mov: 660-115-620

c/ Asival nº 15

Polígono Can Valero

0700, Palma de Mallorca..

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